Great Design is vital to the success of digital products.

Now more than ever before.
A Decade of Design

Ray Rivera is multi-faceted digital designer currently filling a full-time role as a mobile interaction designer on an award-winning creative team in-house for a mobile video advertising agency based in Los Angeles. I mainly focus on designing and producing highly engaging interactive rich media units. I’ve been humbled to work with clients such as Food Network, Xbox, Microsoft, Disney, iHeart Radio, NBC and many other major brands.


Prior to developing creative concepts, It’s critical for me to understand core messaging and targeting of a project. I work diligently to collect and collate relevant information to help guide the art direction down the line.

Sketch / Prototype

After researching, I go straight into conceptualizing and figuring out the overall art direction of the project. During this phase, I create mockups and prototypes as the basis for my designs and concepts pulling in all elements which bring the project to life.


Once the design stage is final, I prepare my project for production. Depending on the project, I will most likely focus on animations or exporting assets and then pass it on to development.